Nintendo Revolution

Sunday, March 19, 2006

SSB: Fire



革命- 一个猛烈和广远的变化在思维方式和表现上;

Sunday, July 03, 2005


The fire has lost its flame.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

As a result of currect speculation...

Due to some current speculation and doubts about us, we are sending out this message. It has been noted that people are inquiring about the 20 man team. People saying that this number is too low for such a game, and that HAL Laboratory are the developers in charge. However, we did not say that we were the ONLY team working on Fire, but said we were A team. Super Smash Bros: Fire is made up of many teams of small members, thus, each team is assigned a part. We are just one of the teams in the vast development of Fire. Hal Laboratory has devised many small teams, to get the job done quicker, but with a quality that is astounding.

Some Information

Ok folks, here is some information you may or may not have already known:

-Revolution is just a codename, and will not be called Nintendo Revolution at release.
-The still secret controllers are wireless.
-Nintendo's Next-Gen console WILL be the most powerful console of all time.
-Revolution(as we will call it for now), will ship after the Xbox 360, and the PS3.
-A release date has not been confirmed, but will most likely be sometime in November 2006.
-WiFi will be enabled and ready out of the box.
-You WILL need a wireless adapter or located by a hot spot to use the online service.
-The online service IS free.
-Downloadable 1st party games are FREE.
-The controllers will have an optional gyroscopic feature to them.
-The console will ship in the price range of $150-200 USD.
-There will be 50 games available at the launch of the Revolution.
-Super Smash Bros: Fire will ship with the Revolution as a BONUS.

More information will come as we are given permission to release it.

Well then...

We were appalled when our site was yet again dropped, and taken over by some nobody. Here, we are just trying to reveal small, yet important aspects to the public, who want to know about Nintendo's Next-Gen console, as well as some games. We would like to tell you that after some talk with the new site's owner, he gave the URL back, and has reopened his site at: Thanks to Dan's kindness, Team Beta is back, and yes people, we have some information for you.